Dexter Bulls

We Run With The Best

The dexter bulls at Bolton Farm are the leaders of our pack. Dexter herd bulls are well proportioned regarding their height to length. Although their shoulders are of medium thickness, they are well-sized animals. When viewing a Dexter Herd Bull from the front there is a fullness and thickness throughout the chest resulting in ample width between the legs. They have wide hips, thick quarters and are wide across the loins.

Their legs are short to moderate in size and well placed under the body. The forelegs are straight, wide apart and squarely placed. The hind legs are nearly perpendicular from hock to pastern. They have short feet, a well rounded deep heel, a level sole with toes properly spaced apart. The tail is well set and level with the back. Bulls should not exceed 1,000 lbs at 3 years and older. They should measure no more than 44” nor less than 38” at the shoulder at 3 years and older.

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