Dexter Cows

More Than Milk Maids

Most Dexter cows calve easily and are good mothers. Herd cows are well proportioned regarding height to length. They have shoulders of medium thickness, full and well filled in behind. When viewed from the front, thickness is shown through the heart, with the breast coming well forward. The chest has a wide floor resulting in ample width between the legs. Their hips are wide, quarters thick, and deep and well sprung and are wide across the loins. A straight underline with udder firmly attached, and the front and rear with strong center support.

A Dexter cow's udder and teats are of moderate size with the teats of equal size squarely placed on an udder with clearly defined halving. Legs short to moderate but not excessively long, and well placed under the body. Forelegs are straight, wide apart and squarely placed, hind legs nearly perpendicular from hocks to pastern when viewed from the side, and straight and wide apart when viewed from the rear. Feet are short, well rounded with deep heel, level sole and toes properly spaced. The tail is well set and level with the back. Cows should not exceed 750 lbs at 3 years and older. They should measure no more than 42" and no less than 36" at the shoulders at 3 years and older.